Repayment Channel Senior Specialist (Internal Hiring)(J24482)
  • 招聘類別:
  • 社會招聘
  • 工作性質:
  • 全職
  • 薪資范圍:
  • 招聘人數:
  • 1
  • 發布時間:
  • 2021-07-29
  • 截止時間:
  • 工作地點:
  • 天津市


1. Build up good relationship with vendors for repayment and other business areas.
2. Coordinate the internal and external resources for landing the projects.
3. Contract review and business negotiation
4. Cooperate with procurement process and charge fee top up.
5. Cooperate with vendor to deal with business emergency.
6. Arrange and join the internal & external meeting for the business discussion
7. Prepare the materials for process design and raise the related business requirements.


1. Bachelor or above degree.
2. Excellent in project management and business negotiation and communications skills and can working under pressures.
3. Able to use English as working language is essential.
4. Responsible and conscientious
5. Accept appropriate business trip as per request by business.

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